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Everyone has a Story. Untold. 
IAMinVISIBLE celebrates the diverse tapestry of every individual who makes up this very community.

A social photo narrative project to uncover, unveil and highlight (ordinary) everyday people, to bring their stories to light no matter what their status, job title, bank account and the house they live in. Strip off labels and abilities to -


  • Capture the hidden yet familiar, diverse and intimate side of humanity to share stories of lost, despair, failure and triumphant.

  • Re-affirm personal value and sense of worth, belonging and acceptance.

  • Challenge stereotypes and embrace differences.

  • Expand perspectives, inspire love, strength, courage, passion, resilience and gratitude.

  • Create a safe space – ‘I’m not alone’ – for you and inVISIBLE Heroes coming together to give dreams, to support one another in the journey of self-discovery and transformation to realise one’s fullest potential.


I collapse. In the depth of darkness I emerge. Stronger.

I rise. And fall again. Deeper. I want to disappear.
But all I really want - is to be found.




A dreamer. A seeker. A work in progress.
A fighter. Also a looser.
Many moments. I feel empowered.

And many days. I just want to give up.
But - I know. I can.

Till the day. I see the Light. 
I will be free.

I know. I am not alone.

I can choose - who I want to be.

Visual StoryTeller. Creative. Street Photographer.
Stories to Connect. Inspire Humanity.
Passion for Social Initiatives. Impact Business. 

Chua Ning Pei

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