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We All Get A Little Lost In This Journey
Our Past Experiences & Environment Shaped Us 
To Believe Who We Thought Ourselves To Be 
Most Often - Helpless. Cynical. Resigned

What If……
Our Own Story Can Help Unlock Potential From Deep Within Us?

He Who Knows Others Is Wise
He Who Knows Himself Is Enlightened

Power Of I.png

A series of thematic self discovery and mental wellbeing workshops to uncover our
personal stories, unlock the Power of ‘I’ to the greater Power of ‘We’ through a continuous journey of learning in pursuit towards personal well-being and professional excellence.

Be Seen, Heard, Held and Validated
Through Experiential Workshops & Authentic Conversations

Built upon ancient wisdom, modern research and conversation on the ground, we bring our
programs to the workplace, school and community to support you and your organisation
to grow and thrive.

Definitely a worthwhile investment for the team to connect and know one another better.
Really helps to build relationships and helps mental health and shows that the company cares. The word I would use to sum up the experience is 'Connection'. We take it for granted that the relationship is already there, we don’t necessarily cultivate them because if it’s a work setting we just go about the motion. Having this kind of session you get to find out more about people, get to open up a bit more about yourself for others to find out more about you, it lets you tear down some walls and connect better with other people."

Do You Know How You Talk?
Destroy, Engage, Ignore, Patronise?
When Do You Feel Empowered or Powerless?

Our talk impact how others think, feel and behave. The way we speak has a huge influence on others, it can build or destroy a relationship. Understanding the approach, meaning of the verbal and unspoken words and its underlying impact it may cause upon others can reduce unintended misunderstanding and conflicts. 


Soundwave® takes a process-driven approach to effective communication through a suite of communication tools and customised reports, we look at the way we use language and at our conversational style, and demonstrate how we can create meaningful relationships with intention and awareness.



How We Talk



How We Are Heard

Power Of Comm.png

Integrates the findings from Soundwave® to understand more of your (habitual) communication style and learn the appropriate use of the 'voices' to becoming a better leader, friend, communicator and listener. 

Those who know me would agree that I can be very direct and upfront in the way that I communicate my perspectives. When I was still in the corporate context, I was told that I was a very nice person, whereas, in my recent years in the social impact sector, I had teammates commented that I ‘terrorised them’!

To be honest, these negative comments haunted me. At work, I tend to take on the role of a devil’s advocate, and it seems that my good intentions haven’t been translating well. This was what prompted me to explore Soundwave®. Doing the assessment tools - Brillance 3, Self Perception, and 360 - connected the dots for me by helping me understand the impact of my conversational style - especially my 'critique' and 'challenge' voices - and how it has been received by those around me. From that moment, I knew that I want to support others to build this awareness too. The quality of my relationships has greatly improved and I want to pass on this guidance to others by helping them gain insight into the way they talk and its impact. 

I am glad to say that I am no longer a ‘conversational terrorist’, but moving onto the road of becoming an objective and directive change agent through the power of my voices as a Soundwave® Accredited Coach.

- Ning

Abstract Background

Take charge of your life
Uncover, unleash your innate power, create possibility - in living your best

How Can We Support You In Your Becoming?

(A  better being - in the roles you play at work, home and community you serve) 



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