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"You are going'd better get your emotions in-check"

16 years ago, with the sudden passing of my father, along with a failed business, broken bank account, debts and lost relationship in one fell swoop, I sunk into a deep dark hole. I was paralysed with the knowing that my father was still worrying about me at his death bed. Consumed by grief, anger and helplessness, I tried to start my life anew, punishing myself with unreasonable hours to prove my worth and capability through my professional accomplishments, ended up sinking deeper in my life's struggles.

Courage Starts With Showing Up
And Letting Ourselves Be Seen 


I know - I'm not alone.

I'm a work-in-progress, just another human being, like you.

I delight in raw and intimate exchange with fellow human being. I picked myself up and kickstarted IAMinVISIBLE, as a social experiment to bring the inVisible into Visible, uncover our personal stories
to affirm our worth and very existence of living, to reclaim back the innate power that everyone has,
to be the best that one can be. Held an exhibition in 2017 to capture 30 hidden yet familiar and intimate side of humanity to share stories of loss, despair, failure and triumph, challenging stereotypes and embracing differences.


Spent my formative years in Advertising had nurtured my insatiable curiosity to get out of the comfort zone, uncovered unmet needs to stretch myself to innovate and do things differently, for good. I'm delighted to have made a positive impact in the business and community engagement roles I had played in the last 10 years in the social impact sector.

I just stepped down from a role last year. I can't say I know where I'm heading, so many times I want to give up, but I still hold on to the hope and belief that - I can (through a series of inner self-discovery work), I have the possibility to create the future I want.


I'm looking forward to the day when I can stand up tall, and hopefully make my father proud. 


I Am Ning  .  I Am Possible


The Most Beautiful Things In The World

Cannot Be Seen Nor Touched But Are Felt In The Heart


While We Cannot Change Our Past, We Can Rewrite Our Future

IAMinVISIBLE formalises as an impact business in 2021, aiming to support everyone to unlock our innate Power of ‘I’
to the greater Power of ‘We’, through a continuous journey of learning, self-discovery and awareness
in pursuit towards personal well-being and professional excellence.

1. Supporting every individual to uncover our true potential

2. Bridging relationship through raw, empathetic and authentic connections

3. Building an empowered community for everyone to be seen, heard, held and validated



Juvena Huang | I Am Adaptable

Filmmaker. Storyteller. Inspirational Speaker.
Empowerment & EDI Advocate. 

An accidental storyteller, inspirational speaker and filmmaker. The sudden passing of a close friend pushed me to a 27 months journey, riding a scooter solo across 25 countries. The vulnerability of being a lone woman traveller had brought me close to locals wherever I go. Under the moniker, The Wandering Wasp, I share the untold reality of some of the most misunderstood countries and stories of ordinary people, breaking stigmas one story and one video at a time. Ever since, my story has been featured in various publications and one of my viral videos was selected for two film festivals. I aspire to lend voices to the unheard.


Tharshini Ganasan | I Am Abundent
BA Communications & Psychology . Lifelong Learner   

Youths today face a wide range of challenges in the hyper-connected world that we live in. As they strive to flourish while dealing with multiple stressors, it is not uncommon for them to feel alone and uncertain of their journey in life. 

I am passionate in helping youths develop the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive and reach their true potential.

Abstract Background

Knowing Your Purpose Gives Meaning To Your Life

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