Updated: Dec 18, 2017

“Out of self-defence, I transformed into a hooligan to protect myself”

- Bullied. Active Volunteer. Autism Spectrum Disorder. Anxiety & Depression.

Story of Courage. Strength.

“even though I am not perfect and no matter what circumstances may be – take heart, I’m an overcomer.”

- “自闭儿, 你永远都不会成功的! – you are a burden to society, you are nothing and will never be able to succeed in life!” – exclaimed a friend in school when he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in January 2015. Jason, hailed from JB, was a subject of constant bully since he came to Singapore to study when he was in Primary 6 but was downgraded to P5 based on Singapore education standard. “I was told to shut up when I tried to join in the conversation. I felt shocked and offended, at the same time I couldn’t make sense of what was going on. I have difficulty fitting in, that girl that I liked thought I was crazy. I was called a ‘Crazy Orange’ but didn’t really take it seriously what it meant until a few years later when I chanced on a youtube video that is was about a character – an orange, which was very irritating and ignoring.”

Growing up in a broken family didn’t help with the mental and emotional trauma that was ingrained in him since young when he recalled his aunt enslaved him with chores, threatened and humiliated him with a chopping knife when he refused to clean the toilet. “Out of self-defence, I transformed into a hooligan to protect myself. But, I felt so alone, like no one can understand me. I sought for help with a psychiatrist when I was in Sec 3 when I was made known of my hyperactive behavioral issues. I have no knowledge of common sense and my NPCC cadet inspector and teacher were calling me stupid, I felt that school was no longer what I have known or seen before.” Feeling hopeless, isolated, miserable and not supported, this vulnerable young chap was further diagnosed with anxiety and depression, that was when he decided to drop out of ‘O’ levels to avoid any more nightmares.

Today, Jason is transforming with a new found purpose. He has found much joy as a volunteer teacher assistant in an Autism Specialized Institute, Calvary Victory Center, to support and guide people who have difficulty in learning and have been an active volunteer with The Hidden Good too. Speaking in a slow and strong conviction, “even though I am not perfect and no matter what circumstances may be – take heart, I’m an overcomer.” Indeed. Like a bird flapping its wings - from a young boy who was a laughing stock because he couldn’t understand English, now speaks fluently – his dream is to study mass comm in Chinese and to become a broadcaster, to be the voice to inspire people.

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