“I never see myself as disAbled”.

Medical Doctor. High Achiever. Suffered Stroke at 24.

International Motivational Speaker. Empowerment Coach. Author. Educator.

ASEAN Para Games Table tennis medallist. Successful Entrepreneur Award and Outstanding Young Singaporean awards in 2011.

Story of Resilience.

“I never see myself as disAbled”.

Dr Darren Chua is a fighter. At 24, he thought he had it all figured out - a high achiever, qualified medical doctor and about to embark on an illustrious career as a neurosurgeon. Life had it as such that he suffered from a stroke that same fateful year. “Everything I knew was stripped away. It left me with a useless body, unable to talk, move or see. I was stuck in a prison. But from that prison, I knew I had a choice of what prison I wanted to be in - Is it of four walls or a prison of hope?”

Rehab was difficult. There were times when he wanted to give up. But the end goal of going back to becoming a doctor kept him going. With much grit and determination and sheer discipline, he recovered within 2 years. “But nobody told me I cannot be a surgeon anymore!” Dr Darren was instead transferred to healthcare administration, which didn’t satisfy him in his yearning to give back. “I took some time off in search of clarity and purpose in my life”.

He dug deep and against all odd continued his path of excellence in his motto, “DisAbility is only in the mind” – a key belief that he stood firm at all times. A table tennis medallist at 3 ASEAN Para Games, (recently in Sep 2017), “I took up the sport as a challenge to compete for something bigger than me alone, being disAbled does not make us unAble”.

In his accolades, he was honoured with Successful Entrepreneur Award and Outstanding Young Singaporean awards in 2011. Dr Darren, an international motivational speaker, empowerment coach, author and educator and run a learning centre Potter's Alay International shared that “giving is about identifying your gift and talent and giving it to the world - I have committed my life to the journey of hope and helping others find the same”.

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